Thursday, October 30, 2014

Allergic to Exercise...

As you can probably suspect, working out at 255 pounds isn't easy. I was genetically blessed with giant boobs, child bearing hips and enormous thunder thighs...sounds fun, right?! Not so Much...

But I know that in order for it to get easier I have to push through my barriers and get a little uncomfortable.

Hmmm...where is the couch in this photo?
In order to venture outside my comfort zone, I need someone to push me. I need a different kind of workout. One that keeps me guessing, and one that gives me support and accountability. I think I have found this in Better Body Fitness Boot Camps. I joined a few weeks back and while I haven't seen a huge change on the scale yet, I know that because I am not putting in the work. That stops now. I fell so far off the wagon a year ago that I can't even see it in the distance anymore. It's time to run my ass off to catch up to it, and then instead of jumping back on, I need to pull that sucker.

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